What can you recycle?

Drop-off your glass bottles and jars (any color) used for food, beverages, candles, perfumes or colognes at any of our locations across McKean County, PA. Containers must be rinsed of residue and free of corks, caps, and lids; labels can stay on.

McKean County locations require color-sorting. Drop-off containers are separated by color and clearly marked; please place your glass bottles and jars in the appropriate container, sorted by color.

Please do not put any bags or boxes into the carts.

Please remember, place only glass bottles and jars in the carts. Learn about glass items we cannot recycle and why.

Food Bottles & Jars

For large drop-off needs, please contact us at info@prismrecycling.com

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Food Bottles & Jars

Food & Beverage

Perfume Bottles

Fragrance & Oils

Candle Jars

Candle Jars


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Mckean County Drop-off

Foster Township

85 Tuna Cross Rd
Bradford, PA 16701

Duke Center

143 R L Sweitzer Dr
Duke Center, PA 16729

Eldred Borough

4 Platt St
Eldred, PA 16731

Wetmore Township

318 Spring St.
Kane, PA 16735

Mt. Jewett Borough

McClellan Ave
Mt. Jewett, PA 16740

Port Allegany

W Mill St
Port Allegany, PA 16743

Smethport Borough

323 E Water St
Smethport, PA 16749

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