Let’s build a better, more sustainable future for Erie County (and beyond) one glass bottle and jar at a time. Join us in keeping glass out of the trash!

In 2020, Prism began to collaborate with leaders from the Erie County Recycling Program, Erie Area Council of Governments, CAP Glass Recycling, and the Glass Recycling Foundation to develop a public glass recycling drop-off and collection system in Erie County, Pennsylvania. By early 2021, a total of 15 drop-off locations were established and serviced throughout the community.

Glass bottles and jars (all colors) used for food, beverages, candles, perfumes, and colognes are hauled from drop-off locations by Pro Waste Services and stored at the Prism bunker for bulk transportation. When the bunker reaches an estimated 25 tons of glass, the material makes its way to CAP Glass Recycling in Mt Pleasant, PA for processing. CAP Glass cleans, crushes, and sorts the glass into furnace ready cullet. The cullet is delivered to one of two glass container manufacturers in Northcentral, PA to be turned back into new bottles and jars.

As a first of its kind partnership, the program helps support the infrastructure needed in Erie County to divert as much glass from the landfill and supply the infinitely recyclable resource back to glass manufacturers, thus advancing the development of a circular economy.

Key Partners

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

CAP Glass—a division of Carry All Products—recycles more than 200,000 tons of glass each year at its processing plant in Mt Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Owner, Shawn Pilla, has over thirty years of experience in the glass industry and is an operational and mechanical consultant for companies throughout the United States. CAP Glass provides industry expertise as well as glass processing for the various Prism collection programs in Erie County.


Founded in 1993, the Erie Area Council of Governments (EACOG) is a voluntary association of Erie County municipalities that works in concert through multi-municipal projects, programs, and services. These joint efforts enhance operations, reduce duplication, decrease costs, improve efficiency, and better leverage resources. EACOG is an anchor partner in the Prism drop-off program in Erie County and facilitates information sharing and support among members.

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

A subset of Erie County Planning & Community Development, the Erie County Recycling Program (ECRP) administers county-wide recycling efforts and provides educational campaigns relative to the benefits of recycling. ECRP is an anchor partner in the Prism drop-off program in Erie County. It has contributed funds in support of program expansion as well as reports glass volumes annually as part of Department of Environmental Protection compliance. ECRP is also an affiliate of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful through its ‘Keep Erie County Beautiful’ efforts.


Erie Management Group (EMG) invests in and manages companies to capitalize economic opportunities within Northwest Pennsylvania. Created in 2004 by Samuel P. “Pat” Black, III, EMG now shares its helm with Black’s daughter, Sumi James-Black, and has grown to support nine Black-affiliated businesses with over 350 employees across five states. EMG provides financial and project support, as well as human capital to Prism efforts.

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

Founded in 1919 as the Glass Container Association of America, the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) is the trade association representing the North American glass container industry. GPI promotes choice, advances environmental recycling policies, advocates industry standards, and provide related education. GPI was an early advocate of Prism efforts to develop accessible and no-cost glass recycling in the greater Erie community and beyond, and provides Prism both logistical and relationship building support. Prism is a ‘supplier member company’ of GPI.


The Glass Recycling Foundation (GRF) is a non-profit organization formed to provide and raise funds for assistance and projects that address gaps in the glass recycling supply chain across the United States. In early 2021, GRF made its very first grant award to the burgeoning public-private partnership in Erie County, Pennsylvania, in support of the county-wide glass recycling drop-off program.

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

Pro Waste Services has over 75 years of combined experience through the Pol and Baumann families. The business is locally owned and operated by Al Pol, Bryan Pol, and Donnie Baumann, Jr., and offers full-service waste and recycling services in Northwest Pennsylvania. Pro Waste Services provides contract hauling for all Prism collection programs in Erie County, PA.