Let’s build a better, more sustainable future for McKean County (and beyond) one glass bottle and jar at a time. Join us in keeping glass out of the trash!
In early 2022, Prism and Ardagh Group joined forces to create a color-sorted drop-off program for glass recycling across McKean County, Pennsylvania. A first of its kind partnership, Ardagh invested in containers and hauling equipment, whereby glass material from the drop-off locations makes its way back to the Port Allegany, PA plant as furnace ready cullet. Containers are managed by Prism, serviced by McKan Trucking, and glass is processed at RecycAll, just one mile from the plant.

McKean County residents can be assured that the bottle or jar they place in a drop-off container county-wide is remade into another container at the Port Allegany plant. It’s as simple as rinse and repeat!

Key Partners

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

Ardagh Glass Packaging is a global supplier of sustainable, infinitely recyclable metal and glass packaging for brand owners. Across the company, there are 57 production facilities, manufacturing in 12 countries and 16,000+ employees worldwide. In North America, Ardagh is made up of 14 production facilities, including Port Allegany in McKean County that operates with about 250 employees and has been an anchor in the rural community for 125 years.


Erie Management Group (EMG) invests in and manages companies to capitalize on economic opportunities within Northwest Pennsylvania. Created in 2004 by Samuel P. “Pat” Black, III, EMG now shares its helm with Black’s daughter, Sumi James-Black, and has grown to support nine Black-affiliated businesses with over 350 employees across five states. EMG provides financial and project support, as well as human capital to Prism efforts.

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

McKan Trucking is owned and operated by Smethport resident, Zach Nelson. The business provides a bevy of municipal, commercial, and residential services across the greater McKean County area. Nelson was an early adopter of establishing a glass-only recycling program county-wide and helps facilitate contract hauling for the Prism drop-off program in McKean County.


The McKean County Conservation District was established in 1959 with the primary goal to develop, improve, and conserve the county’s soil, water, and related resources as well as educate the community in various conservation and environmental practices and methods. In support of its vision and mission, the Conservation District embraces environmentally responsible decisions and fosters public and private partnerships.

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

Various bottles of beer manufacturers

RecycAll is an eco-friendly waste management service with operations in Port Allegany, Pennsylvania. In 1998, RecycAll was founded with the “green friendly” philosophy that—although the economic engine of today’s society runs as a throwaway culture—the earth’s resources are limited. Therefore, if an item cannot be reused, then recycling it can help close the loop on the use of natural resources.