Window Glass

While demolition is often fun, it is also timely and costly. Lighten the load on your commercial or residential demolition projects with glass recycling. In Erie, Warren, or Crawford County, we’ll help you reduce your disposal fees on jobs large or small by keeping window glass out of your refuse dumpsters.

How it Works

We can only accept the glass panes from windows. The frames and banding must be removed. Residual adhesive or caulking does not need to be removed.

  • FREE drop-off (no tipping fees)
  • Unframed window glass only (broken glass is accepted)
  • Tempered and regular glass accepted
  • NO automotive glass
  • NO laminated glass
  • NO mirrors

We work through Pro Waste Services to provide glass-only dumpsters sized to meet the needs of your job sites in Erie, Warren, or Crawford Counties. You only pay for the dumpster service with no material disposal fees.

If you use another waste hauler, we can take your disposed glass—with no material disposal fees—as long as it is separated from other refuse and without frames or banding. If you do your own hauling, you can schedule a drop-off (at no cost) on weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm.